Crisis Nutrition Support

Showing up when crisis hits.

"A father of 3 has been murdered."

"Flooding destroyed a bamboo-thatched home and everything in it."

"A wife was abandoned while pregnant with her 4th child."

We hear stories like these everyday.

For families who are already struggling, a new crisis can lead to despair. Food insecurity during those times compounds desperation. We come alongside families in those moments to lighten their burden and prevent breakdown.

Crisis Food Support

A crisis lasts 4-6 weeks during which, we provide temporary food support to help families persevere through devastation and get back on their feet.

Formula & Milk Support

When a mother has Tuberculosis, HIV or cannot nurse her infant for any other reason, secure attachment is still exactly what her child needs in order to thrive. We provide formula for newborns and infants so that mothers can continue to nurture their babies even when breastfeeding is not possible. We also provide fortified milk in improvised communities to increased children's calcium and protein intake.

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