Early Childhood Development Center

Safe children, strong families.

Mothers in poverty walk an extremely difficult path. They must earn an income in order to provide food and shelter for their kids, but many have no one to care for their children while they work because daycare just doesn’t exist.

Often toddlers and preschool children are left with siblings -- preventing the siblings from attending school -- or with unfit and sometimes unsafe caregivers, for lack of better options.

Even the most devoted mothers can be deceived into thinking that giving up their child to an orphanage is the most loving thing to do.  Some orphanages actively recruit children, and many mothers become convinced that giving up their child is the only way to ensure that he will be well-fed, clothed and receive a good education.

We know that loving mothers should never give up their children because of poverty, which is why we opened a center for pre-school aged children.

Early Childhood Development Center

Our center is a nurturing, safe learning environment where preschool-aged children are loved and cared for while their mothers work. The children learn and play all day, and return home each night to reap the benefits of growing within their own family.

It is unique in this community as it actively engages children in challenging activities that expand their developing minds. Children build their creative and cognitive abilities while gaining an understanding of basic literacy, mathematics and science through play. Staff teach in Burmese, Thai and English, which serves to develop the children's understanding of the three main languages spoken in the area.

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