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Community-Based Training

In extremely marginalized communities, members don't always know how they can protect their own children. Fear of local authorities often prevents them from reporting child trafficking and abuse. Despite the obstacles, we know they can play a major role in minimizing risks for children and practicing effective gatekeeping.

We've seen how basic training in children's needs, brain development and the impact of childhood trauma can dramatically shift mindsets and improve relationships so we provide this training often within the communities we serve.

Capacity Building

We know how defeating it is to have the heart to help without the tools, knowledge and resources needed to do so. We provide training for child welfare practitioners, orphanage staff, foster carers and other local organizations to strengthen their ability to respond.

We're a part of the Better Care Network which provides thousands of resources about best practice in working with orphaned and vulnerable children. Because hands-on training in these concepts is very limited where we work, we take what we've learned over the last 11 years to help others working with vulnerable children. We also host trainings at our Border Equipping Center as often as possible, so we can help more children receive the best care possible.

If you run or support an organization that needs social work training in order to pursue family-based care for orphaned and vulnerable children, we'd love to hear from you!

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Empowering Professionals

Since there are over 800,000 social workers in the US alone, we're looking for experienced professionals who want to use their skills to build the capacity of organizations working with vulnerable children in places where training resources are extremely scarce.

If you are a licensed social worker interested in international service opportunities, introduce yourself with the form below.

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Orphanages worldwide are closing their doors as governments
begin to recognize the potential harm of institutional care.

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