Life Skills Training

Empowering a hope-filled future.

Poverty can limit one's ability to see beyond their next meal, much-less dream of a better path. When opportunities are scarce, desperate times lead to desperate measures.

  • Mothers give their children to orphanages because they cannot provide for their needs.
  • Women stay in abusive relationships because they're dependent on a man's wages.
  • Teens marry far too young because they see it as their only chance for financial provision.

Vocational Training

In order to combat cycles of oppression and self-defeat, we are increasing income opportunities for women through training in ceramics and sewing. Once trained, we connect women and girls to trusted local employers and job opportunities. Some teens choose to join our studio...

Learn about our teen artisan program

Community-Based Training

Within marginalized communities, we train members on things like CPR, basic First Aid, nutrition, and water sanitation so they can make wise decisions for their children and families. Covering topics like budgeting and finance can help them create a better future as they understand how to leverage their earnings.