Trauma Prevention

Prevention through understanding.

When parents understand attachment, brain development and the impact of childhood trauma, it affects the way they relate to their children and the decisions they make about their care.

Many parents are unaware of what causes trauma to their children or how important a healthy family is for their future. We educate parents so they can fully understand the importance of their role in their child's development and so they can engage their children in a healthy way.

Trauma impairs a child's ability to thrive:

brain alarm

When we face danger or some sort of threat, an alarm goes off in our brains.

This alarm sends our bodies into survival mode by releasing cortisol and adrenaline to numb sensation and enable the body to FIGHT or FLIGHT.

When a child suffers trauma such as prolonged neglect, physical or sexual abuse, abandonment or loss of secure attachment, that alarm goes off continually. This leads to an overproduction of hormones that prevent a child from accessing their rational brain and shut down their body's response mechanisms.

This can paralyze a child in a FREEZE response.

Trauma damages a child's ability to regulate emotion, give and receive love and control behavior. They often feel unsafe regardless of their surroundings and struggle to navigate the world around them.

Brain development from a healthy vs. a traumatic childhood:

brain scans 2

The Good News...

god's design grey

God designed children
to thrive in a family!

When a child lives within secure attachment in a safe environment with supportive relationships, cortisol levels can decrease by 50% within 7-14 days and return to normal levels in just 30 days!

Full recovery takes longer and damage cannot always be undone. Traumatic memories can still reel through a child's mind but once levels normalize in the brain, a child can access their Rational Brain which reminds them that the real trauma is over.

Trauma is not the end of the story.

Our holistic approach

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