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The Journey

Sojourn/ˈsōjərn/: A temporary stop where a traveler resides; respite on a journey

There is an amazing phrase spoken as a blessing over youth in Burma. Lay le ya is a Pwo Karen saying that means "hope-filled forward motion." At Sojourn, we provide a stopping place along life’s way for young women who have big hills to climb. Banding together, we provide them with tools and experience to walk forward with sure steps and eyes lifted towards a lighted horizon.

The Process

Everything starts with our hands.

We form each porcelain piece and paint every gold and silver stroke.

Porcelain Bone China. 14k Gold-filled. Sterling Silver. Liquid Gold and Platinum.

The Ethos

We use clay as a starting point to work with young women along the Thai-Burma border. Our intent in training artisans is not simply to make beautiful products, but to provide training in life skills, character education, and spiritual development so as to overcome obstacles and pursue a hope-filled future.

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The Sojourn Team

Sara Harvel
Program Coordinator

Aye Cho Phyu
Apprentice Trainer

Stephanie Melachrinos
Lead Designer

Kristine Smith
Artisan Coach

Quinn Smith
Master Trainer